Be Mindful and Get your Mule Moving Challenge + Yummy Lentil Soup Recipe!

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Week 1: Kitchen Clean-out!

Are you ready for the 12 week challenge? You have already started by knowing your numbers and setting a realistic weight goal. Now, I am here to go through this challenge with you as I am always a work in progress and looking to better my health. (Go away Dove chocolates and yes, I just ate a whole can of veggie chips…)

First, I want you to walk into your kitchen when you have about 30 minutes of free time. Do this THIS week and the sooner the better. Get a box or a trash bag and start emptying out the temptations. You know what I am talking about. That left over cake you have been snacking on, the Doritos in the cabinet (the veggie chips I claim are for the kids when I eat them before they can..)  the heavily processed stuff. The items you KNOW you do not need in your body. There will be room to snack and have treats but until you are able to control your habits of binge snacking, it is best to keep it out of the house. OWN IT. You are making the decisions here. This is your one and only body. Those “foods” will always be there. You can taste them later if you desire but for now, they serve you no purpose.

This is a huge step and I would love to see pictures of you donating or disposing of these products! It is a great feeling to take control and you are grabbing life by the horns right now! 

PS. I am a see it eat it girl.. so as I am in charge of groceries, it is my duty to make sure what I bring into the house is whole and healthy for my family. I am lucky to have a pretty pro clean eating boyfriend so he doesn’t bring junk into the house and having that support system helps! Play around and see what works for you.

We are all in this together!

Once you have cleaned everything out, give yourself, dog or family member a massive high 5! Now you can start digging around for amazing meals that you can fuel up with like this 1 pot Lentil Soup from my favorite, the minimalist baker. This is a great recipe to make a heaping amount of and freeze so you don’t have to turn your stove on during the summer months.

1-Pot Everyday Lentil Soup


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