Personal Training

One on one personal training will remove the anxiety of working out by creating a safe, fun and judgement free environment. Enjoy a private setting where your trainer will do a fitness assessment to start you in a program that is right for you. No equipment crowding or obnoxious music. Starting now will get you one day closer to accomplishing your goals!

Small Group Training

Tired of the overcrowded bootcamps that have you running around in the summer heat? How does indoors and 65 degrees sound? Yes please! Look no further because it sounds like small group training is for you! With only 6 people max per class, your trainer will be able to focus on your form and modify exercises to fit your level so you get in the best workout possible. Group accountability, full attention from your trainer and air condition all for an extremely affordable rate! Don’t wait to get started. There is no better day than today!

Buddy Training

If you prefer working out as a couple, with a friend or neighbor, then you are going to love buddy training! Do you work harder when you have someone by your side? Are you looking for a more affordable training option? If YES YES YES is your answer, then Grab your friend, lover, brother or parent and spend 45 minutes sweating together and holding each other accountable. We are all in this together!