These Are Real People Y’all! 

I couldn’t make this stuff up. Please let me know your experience or how I can help make it better for you!

Now I can after working with Mindful Mule for a year:

Run a mile in under 10 minutes
Walk 8 miles with ease
Weed a garden like nobody’s business
Frisky (if you know what I mean)
Tuck my shirt in
Wear sleeveless blouses
Write at a standing desk all day
Get up and down off the floor without thinking about it
Not trip and if I do, I can now catch myself
Thinking about water skiing again
Tried paddle boarding
Positive outlook on my future, not looking back with regrets
Commitment to regular, daily, vigorous exercise in my life
Meditating and eating healthier including flax and turmeric
Taking a daily dose of B12 and Vitamin D
Loving Life

Tracy M.

Jenny is wonderful, professional, educated, and motivated to help me reach my goals. She soaks up every minute we have with strong, deep moves that are targeted to the specific needs that I have. Due to health complications, my ability to workout can be challenging. Jenny has been spot on with creating new moves and sessions that cater to my bodies "health swings". She is caring and devoted to helping you reach your goals. Hire her! You will love her!

Beth M.

When I began my training with Jenny I had to admit I was nervous. I had tried other trainers who created the same routine nearly every session. I was very impressed with Jenny when we started because she not only had so much knowledge about foods, health and body but truly designed a work out for me personally. Every workout is different. It's rare that an exercise has been repeated in our sessions. She makes working out fun and different. She pushes me to keep going when I'm tired and for this I'm very grateful! I have seen great results!!!!!!! It's also nice that she will work out with me too sometimes! Jenny LOVES her job and is very passionate about her work. In turn I truly feel this is why I've had great results.....

Krystal D.

I am SO grateful for finding Mindful Mule! Working out with Jenny is amazing. She is encouraging and supportive, pushes me to give her more at each session, and she is just plain fun! She makes each workout enjoyable by mixing up what we’re doing while being aware of my performance level and adjusting the moves to work for me. In the time we’ve been working together, we have not repeated the same series of exercises which keeps it interesting. Her private studio is comfortable and welcoming. I’m stronger, more limber and have more stamina already, and it’s only been a month. I might walk into a session dragging my feet, but ALWAYS walk out feeling pumped knowing I can take on the world. I have a very demanding job, and working out with her just twice a week has made my stress level much more manageable. I highly recommend Jenny.

Stephanie L.

Jenny has been making me physically functional again after 2 years of a debilitating neurological condition. She has targeted areas of improvement with successful results unlike any other trainer I have had. She addresses my anxiety and fears in the process. She helped me get my independence back! Best money I ever spent in my recovery.
Thank you. Dr. D.

Dillon S.

I was in the best shape of my life when I was getting personal training from Jenny. She always motivated me and supported me along the way. I no longer live in Texas and I miss her workouts so much. She's a gem! I highly recommend Jenny!

Marisa B.