My name is Jenny and I am the owner of Mindful Mule, a boutique personal fitness gym where I focus on training my clients in the mindfulness of a connected body and spirit. I started my personal fitness journey 5 years ago for many reasons, the most important of which was that I had to make the decision to get my body and mind in shape so I could keep up with my daughter and be the mother I knew I wanted to be. I lost 60 lbs. and got my ACE certification and ALLEGRA certification (Meditation) so I could introduce others to the satisfaction of having a body they are comfortable in and a mind that is in balance with that body. I look forward to introducing new clients to their own personalized fitness programs that balance bodily health with a peaceful mind.

Jenny Jones, Owner and Trainer

I've just hopped back on the strength-training wagon, Jenny has insured that I get a full-body workout, is positive and supportive the whole way, and varies the exercises so I don't get bored or into a rut. She's an awesome person, and a very motivational trainer- I highly recommend you try it out yourself! The results will be evident.

Marcia Hensley

The Team

Baillie Mckenzie

I have always had a passion for being active since I was young. I decided to become a personal trainer so that I can share my passion with others and coach them to achieve their fitness goals. I attended Elevated Learning Academy in Calgary, Alberta where I received my Personal Fitness Trainer Diploma. Upon graduating, I received my ACE Certified Personal Trainer Certification. I have had the opportunity to work with all types of clientele from pilots, individuals recovering from strokes, to corporate and young adults. I find it most rewarding as a personal trainer to watch my clients see their success.

Rita Jones
Yoga Instructor

Rita has been practicing yoga for 9 years. Drawn to the practice because of the holistic nature, she has found growth, understanding, passion, community, and strength through yoga. She has gone through 250 hours of training and is a RYT through Yoga Alliance. In her class, you will integrate symbols in nature into your intentions, invoke your sight, smell, hearing, and touch for a mind body and soul experience, invest time into yourself so that you can offer so much more to others. Her goal is that each yogi feels peace and replenishment after each class.